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To sell on you just have to complete the registration form with no commitment to join the service.

You will receive via email all the procedures you will need to follow to finalize the signup process.

Once completed, you will be able to enter your stock of material on, and at any time through customer reserved area (using username and password) consult your stock, and check in / out of material conveniently and quickly.

We provide tools that facilitate ad import by:

  • Manual upload on the platform of a file containing all your updated stock.
  • Automatic and scheduled data collection by you of the file containing your entire stock (whose location is remote) (eg .HTTPS, FTP, ...).
  • Use of API (requires intervention from your IT team).

Stock Management

  • Insert auto parts
  • Insert vehicle for parts
  • Vehicle management.
  • Summaries about your stock / management of vehicles.
  • Inventory / Stock Management
  • Printing labels.
  • Car dismantling process
  • Sync your stock to other platforms

In your reserved area you can also see the inbox of parts orders with hundreds of orders per day from the largest network of automotive professionals.

You can also manage your sales covered by the Payment Secure and all complaints from buyers, having a after sales area developed for the auto parts business.

You will have access to TPGo tool and get real-time quotes from over 400 carriers. So you can compare, choose and buy transportation services conveniently and safely.

You can access information free of charge CMotor TecDoc (engine compatibility) and access to a technical information tool

You will be able to sell your material to thousands of people who use this platform to search for material to repair their vehicles and boost their business, being present in thousands of business opportunities that TelePeças creates per day.

For over 12 years at the forefront of innovation and computerization. For demanding companies, excellent services!

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