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TelePeças provides its customers with a privileged communication channel so that they can promote their services and maintain their presence with consumers at national and international levels.

To this end, it provides a half-yearly newsletter - TPNews - about the activity of TelePeças, Lda, serving as a means of publishing half-yearly statistics and useful information for its online users..

In addition, it also makes available every six months a magazine - TPNetwork - more elaborate advertising and promotion of its clients, following a modern editorial line, highlighting interviews of our partners and clients. Both editions of TPNetwork will be launched at specialty fairs such as the Porto / Lisbon fairs and other events that are relevant to the activity.

All these means of advertising are free distribution.

Promote your business nationally and internationally, don't be left behind and reserve your space now for the next edition of TPNetwork.

  • Strategic target audience (70% is directed to automotive professionals);
  • Low-Price Advertising;
  • Graphic production without additional costs.

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