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Professional tools

Place orders, get quick responses from sellers, and negotiate over the phone!

Auto parts requests

  • Unlimited parts orders from over 250 registered parts dealers.
  • Negotiation with sellers by message
  • Negotiation with sellers by phone

Online store

  • Unlimited searches
  • Parts ads with professional discounts
  • Contacts of sellers who published the ads

Autodata TelePeças - informação técnica veículos e peças atualizada - software informação técnica auto

  • Access to the TeleParts Automotive tool - powered by AutoData (purchase of access 23h - from GBP1.64/credit)

CMotor TecDoc

  • Unlimited Search Engine Compatibility


  • Transport Services - quote requests from validated carriers.

Customer Support

  • An account manager who will accompany you in your doubts/difficulties using the platform


  • Not included

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