How to search for parts?

Search our stock database of thousands sellers.

1. Search by car model designation and by part name you are looking for in the search bar (eg Fiat 500 full engine) or alternatively by part number. Click here to start searching parts.

2. In the filter "Part Identifier" you will have all part names available in seller's stock, for the identified car.

3. After applying a filter on the part name, you can still filter your search by the reference.

On TelePecas there are two types of ads:

  • Shopping cart If you found the button Buy The part is available for immediate purchase in stock from the seller. You can immediately start the purchasing process safely and quickly. It will be covered by the TelePecas Secure Payment.

  • Check Availability: If you found the button Check Availability may ask if the seller still owns the part for sale. To do this you must have an account registration with TelePeças. Do it for free right now by clicking here. If the seller confirms that he still owns the part, he will be able to make a secure payment using the TelePecas platform. It will be covered by the TelePecas Secure Payment.

Did not find the part you are looking for? Send a quote request to the network of thousands used auto parts sellers. Click here to fill out the form and submit a free quote request.

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